Established in May 2011, Piece of Cake is a creative marketing consultancy which was accepted on a highly competitive one year programme run by ex-dragon Doug Richards to provide hands-on support and training for creative startups. Through extensive research we identified our customer base and found a multitude of ways of reaching them.

We maximised our presence on social media and gained a large following some of whom have become customers, used analytics to understand how people found us and worked on improving our SEO to be more findable, which directly affected our unique visitor numbers. We also improved our website content to more easily convert customers. We provided high quality services and captured testimonials from previous customers, directly resulting in increased word of mouth business. We then improved our pitch for work and pricing options to appeal to our customers based on experience and feedback.

We have ongoing conversations with the people we work with so they see where we add value. This leads to customer retention and increased repeat business. We work hard and deliver great creative and commercial results so that clients see long-term benefits of working with us and recommend us to other potential clients.

Thanks to this, we have seen an increase in customers as well as an improvement in the quality of projects, meaning that we’ve been able to choose which projects we want to do based on our ethos and interests allowing us to build a strong portfolio of projects and a clear brand.

This article originally appeared on The Guardian’s website.