What we learned in 2018

As we come to the end of January, I’m taking a moment to reflect on what I have learned from some of the projects I’ve worked on recently – and how important it is to keep on learning and exploring as you never know where new opportunities will come from.

1.     Work with people that you respect and that you can learn from. 

Piece of Cake was lucky to work with knowledgeable and respectful clients last year. We went in to help deliver projects (large and small) and learned new skills and had fun along the way.

2.     Working with clients to build community continues to be rewarding.

We are lucky to have been working with a Synagogue as they have been developing a new building over the past couple of years.  We have worked with them to develop a programme of events and looked at how those events can strengthen and grow their community as they move into a new home.  In 2019 the doors to their new building will open and we believe that they are developing a programme that will see their community flourish.

3.     When you work on events the devil is in the detail.

We worked on a number of events in 2018 – a fundraising dinner for UJIA, a dinner for prospective members at the London Library, an event with the operatic superstar Joyce Di Donato and more.  Whilst each event has different goals, we approached them all knowing just how important it is to keep those big picture goals in mind but that they won’t be delivered if any of the small details slip.  As we start work on new projects we’re constantly aware of how important it is to be able to deliver on the big picture and keep our eye on the details too.

4.     Creative content is powerful. Creating creative content is powerful too.

From the beginning Piece of Cake has believed that art and creative content is a powerful way of connecting with audiences.  Whether it’s to create community, raise funds or raise brand awareness its impact is always far reaching.  In 2018 we worked with some amazing creative partners on an event which celebrated 70 years of the creation of the State of Israel at the Royal Albert Hall – telling that story in unexpected ways.  It was wonderful to be involved in this one off special event.

5.     There is always time to make an impact on the world

Despite being really busy in 2018 we continued to develop our Bags of Love projectwith designer Daniel Heath.  These workshops teach participants how to screenprint on to canvas bags which are then given to refugees and asylum seekers.  In 2019 we are looking to scale up this project and hope to work with more artists and companies.  If you might be interested in supporting this project, then please be in touch.

6.     Don’t eat lunch at your desk.

I have always found it hard to get up from my desk at lunchtime but in the past months I’ve made a concerted effort to do just that.  I’ve found that a fifteen-minute walk often clears my head and helps me re-think the ideas that have not shifted all morning.  I’ve learned that being at my desk isn’t always the most productive place to be.  And whether it’s at lunch time or at other times too I continue to see how important taking time to network, to meet people for coffee, to take a class or to just go to a gallery and be inspired really is.  There’s a big world out there and I am looking forward to seeing more of it.

As we continue through 2019, I’m excited to see what the months ahead bring.  I hope that there will be more events, more community building, more fun and more kind and generous clients.  If you think we might enjoy working together then please be in touch. Let’s see what we can create and make happen together.